Thursday, December 11, 2014

I still get confused

I memorize gun facts.  Then some fade away... over time.  Because I am a slow head and don't work in a gun shop day after day.

For instance... Smith and Wesson Model numbers.  Three digit number starts with a six?  Gonna be stainless.  Start with a 5... something else.  I think lighter. 

And the frame letters!  Ok!  J frame is easy.  Snubbies.  X frames is those ginormous .50 calibers.  N, M, L, K...  Uh oh.   One of those is not used anymore, and I think it is the K, and a bit obsolete.  N is a beefier frame and my 686 might be that.  No wait!   Is it L?  L is... less beefy than the N maybe?  N is the .44, I am pretty sure.  Large frame.  Not as large as the X.  And does the M even exist? 

Stuff I should already know without having to resort to Google.

Without Google, smallest to largest and still widely produced by S&W you get:  J L N X.  Hey, I was right!  But it was a mental struggle


Daniel Watters said...

5## equals all carbon steel. 4## originally equaled carbon steel and aluminum. The X-Frame Model 460 is an exception there.

Sigman said...

IIRC, the numbering system for the X frame guns is X+caliber as the original X gun was called the S&W 500. The semi auto numbering system has seen 2 revisions in my lifetime for older guns and M&P pistols have names instead of numbers.

Tam said...

M-frame is the original Ladysmith. :)