Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Most of my life, Bing Crosby was ruined for me because I though he was a child abuser.  He beat his kids like they were rented mules.  Made hearing his wonderful music come with a reminder of that from about 4th grade on, or so. 

Turned out that was just the opinion of one child of his.  The others were, "WTH are you talking about?  Yeah he spanked us, but you seem to have gone WAY overboard."

So Bing might not have been the monster I thought he was.  So, F--- YOU  Gary Crosby, for making me think ill of your father.  Apparently Gary didn't like spankings.  Spoiled SOB.

It sounds like Bing wasn't an outlier, and Gary was a bit over-sensitive.  Very well.  Bing isn't a monster.  Good.

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