Saturday, December 27, 2014


The racialists took the lead on this, now that they are melding the two together, Ferguson MO to Staten Island looseys (loosie?  dunno the spelling.  have bought a few in the past, tho). And that's fine. But they obviously don't want to solve anything. They, race hustlers like Sharpton and DeBlasio, just want to pot to simmer and boil so they have power in the process.

They could have moved the ball by aligning with folks across the aisle.

Oh, not with the Michael Brown thing. Sure it's a shame that man had to die and a town had to get it's businesses burned to the ground. (might as well salt the ashes as nothing is gonna come back there if history is any guide) But the evidence seems to more than indicate that that was pretty much a 'good shoot.' A violent thug had it coming, so to speak. Why? You NEVER try to grab a cops gun. Might as well commit suicide some other way. What an ass.

"T-Bolt you are SUCH a raaaaacist!"

Wait one!

But, with the Eric Garner thing? I am outraged! The cops practically executed a man for avoiding paying taxes. And doing that avoidance on another day. It doesn't seem he was even selling cigs at the time of his take down and death. Now I don't blame the cops too much on this. Maybe only fire them. Nothing else. Nothing worse. The truly responsible parties are the cops BOSSES that send them out with a policy of aggressive minor tax policing. THEY need to go to prison for life. And I'm not talking about the precinct chief. The pols. Bloomberg and DeBlasio types.

Something could have been done that would have made everyone's lives better.  Instead of just generating sound and fury.

"I don't understand T-Bolt... How can you be raaaaacist on the one thing but not the other?... Shouldn't you hate all black people?... I don't... How?... "

BECAUSE THIS ISN'T ABOUT RACE, FOOL! Or, it doesn't have to be. Just because YOU view the world through racism colored glasses doesn't mean everyone does.

If the leaders of the New York protests had tapped this angle they'd have 75% of the country behind them. Conservative Libertarians manning the barricades with Swamp-Butt Rent-A-Hippies. But they didn't choose that option. They chose the old standby: Race Hustle 101. And no one does well whent he dust settles after RH101. Well, except the Sharpton types.

I mean, WHO thought it was a good idea to kill otherwise innocent people for selling Loosies? Because that is the law they passed. That's what LAW is. If you don't toe the line on loose cigarettes the law will kill an obstinate you. And that's what happened.   Too many dang laws to enforce, and no one can do it.  The .gov has too much on their plate.  They need to pare back.


I rail against the race hustlers, and, sure, they deserve a lot of rancor.  But to really get a liberal cause going and going deadly you have to get commies involved.  Like them fools at A.N.S.W.E.R.  Who funds those guys now that the Soviets are kaput?


Old NFO said...

When everything devolves to racism, it becomes another reason to ignore the root causes...

Julie said...

Eric Garner had acute bronchial asthma, high blood pressure, and was overweight (based on the autopsy). He did not die from a chokehold. He died because he was a ticking timebomb of medical problems when he chose to resist arrest.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yes Julie, and the cops chose to arrest a dude known to them but wasn't actually DOING anything, by all accounts.