Saturday, October 10, 2015

According the State Police Website

I am now approved to buy a pistol again.  The ID will come in the mail here someday soon.  Maybe...  Nope not yet.

It expired on October 4th 2025, so that is more time than I originally though.  I started applying on the 16th of September.  So let's say I get the handy dandy HQL card on Friday and rush right out.  Still need at least a week.  7 day waiting period.  So exactly 1 month from "I need a gun because my ex husband is gonna kill me but luckily I have a DD214" to actually having the gun.  Pistol at least.  Better get a Joe Biden special, ma'am.


Update, came in the afternoon mail.

Here is an interesting detail.  You need this Handgun Qualification License to buy a regulated firearm, yes.  You also need it to rent a gun.  There's a wrinkle I didn't know.  Another way to discourage anyone from the gun culture in this state.  We are as bad as Massachusetts.  Now I have to buy a BUNCH more pistols!  So I can train n00bs, where before I just sent them to the rental counter, now I'll just bring a dozen different models. 

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