Friday, October 9, 2015

Panic Buying Fatigue

So, the preznit calls for a lotsa lotsa gun bannage, again.  YAWN...

So, for the gun store near you... are you seeing runs on the inventory, or has Chicken Little cried 'wolf' too many times?  Anecdotally, here, in Indy, and Misfit's place, the answers seems to be 'no panic'

I've got guns bought already.  But I will have to do a transfer once Maryland gives me permission to do what I already was doing for years again.  So a sales boom will be a PITA.  I just need to resolves this by Christmas for gun skool. 

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Wilson said...

I learned my lesson the first time. Now I just look for sales. I've got so much I'm not buying unless it's a real bargain