Monday, October 19, 2015

Manhattanite Chowderhead

Liz Krueger

Many have noticed the remarks of this silly Manhattan Leftist. "We should take over the NRA from the inside! It's worked for us in other situations." Yeah yeah, not too bright or able to see beyond Stage 1.

First, to take over you need to pay dues to the NRA. LOTS of dues.

Where does that money go while you are building up your left gun-banning majority inside the NRA? Well, it helps us, the Good Guys.

She probably thinks it only costs $25 to get a membership and vote. Well you get membership at that level, yes. And a magazine. So, the cost is more that she think for 5 years to wait for a voting membership or pay the $500 or so for a Lifetime membership.

And she'll need a LOTTA new member. Individual members. I doubt the NRA will send thousands of voting ballots to a single NYC PO Box. So they gotta tap all the anti-gun org's membership to be their mail drops. But there are no memberships in anti-gun orgs, so she has to build that up first. The NRA will also notice the membership surge even if not to a single PO Box. The secret will not be kept. Heck, I am talking about it now, here. So she will inspire more members to join on OUR side to counter her faction. And our side is kinda motivated. It'll be hard for her and her kind to match that enthusiasm with gun banners, no matter how much money she has.

Speaking on money. Let's say she pulls it all off, and does it in record time of a just a few years. She secures a million new lifetime members to corner a voting block. Plenty enough to shape the board. The old board, in the meantime has been using the fresh $500,000,000 in dues to lobby congress and state legislatures. With that kind of money they could make Maryland's gun laws to look like Montana's. (Anti-gun pols that vote to be more like Montana could rationalize that 'the Fed's are in charge of guns, we'll let them do all this...')

But she's won. She beat the NRA after all that and now she succeeds at... electing a new board of directors. The next election the NRA Board of Directors is all anti-gun people. All the money is gone, as we saw the writing on the wall. Remember, the secret wasn't kept well. What will the new board do? I guess no longer lobby for gun rights. Us pro-freedom folks would move on. Heck Maryland looks like Montana, remember? The coffers are empty, and not refilling. If a fresh move to ban guns came up another pro freedom group would spring up elsewhere or they'd rush toward an existing organization. In great hordes.

Now the leftists are out a lotta money and they are back to square one.

Naw, don't throw us in that briar patch.

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