Friday, October 16, 2015

AR Optics

Been thinking of putting something like this on an AR.

I like the reticle, I like that it lights up, too.  I like that it helps my older eyes see things futher away.  Good eye relief. 

The only problem is, I already have an AR.  I'd have to build another.  Not hard, but... daunting.  Too many decisions to make.

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abnormalist said...

I have this on my AR, and REALLY like it.

2-7x 35mm objective, short body (11") fairly light weight (12oz) and a decent piece of glass for a rifle. Does a good job as a hunting scope(4-7x), and should do well as a fightin scope (2x tested in 3gun, closest I get to throwing lead at things that could shoot back thank god)