Friday, October 2, 2015

This makes me mad

This guy.   Trying to paint gun culture as a racist thing.

No fool.  There is so much more signals that gun CONTROL is the racist thing.  Overt and covertly.  From before the civil war, through the Sullivan Act, and in any rule that required the local police official to sign off on whatever type of permit you needed.  And always a big Democrat thing.  It only got flipped to a liberal thing when the Democrats themselves flipped.  It's still racist, but now liberals try to hide that part.

The authors think the South, then and now, were violent because of slavery and racism.  But if not a single slave existed south of the Mason Dixon, and the whole region was mono-melaninned, the system of personal honor in place that the residents retained from the old world would still have colored a Southern man's attitude toward personal weapons, I am sure.   They say:
 "The slave South’s enthusiasm for public carry influenced its legal culture. During the antebellum years, many viewed carrying a concealed weapon as dastardly and dishonorable—a striking contrast with the values of the modern gun-rights movement. "
They really don't even comprehend the gun 'culture,' do they?  Which is really just a subset of something else they can't comprehend about the majority of their fellow citizens.  There is a reason that happened, but it seems to escape them.  When such things escape them, when they fail to apply the intellectual rigor to understand basic concepts, it is easy to discount their judgement elsewhere. 

Other commentors have gone on about how wrong they are, pointing to northern attitudes they gloss over, the anti-racist and pro-gun origins of the 14th Amendment,  etc.

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