Friday, October 30, 2015


So the liberal voice on the university radio station just told me, "The majority of gun owners are white and male..."  They then went on with the man bites dog story about how this one DC suburb bucks the demographic trends.

But that isn't news.  The white part.  It's true, yes, but not abnormal.  If you grab a huge portion of average Americans you can safely say the majority is white.  It's what you'd expect, inside expected parameter for 2015.  What is outside the norm is the male part, as there are slightly more women than men about. 

I think that prefatory statement was just word jumble to fill the time.  Maybe some liberal virtue signalling.


Also:  Good that an NPR station has at least a semi-positive gunnie story in suburban DC! I didn't stay tuned in to find out what was the demographic feature they found unusual to be enjoying the shooting sports or self defense practice.  Women?  African Americans?  A group of Guatemalan immigrants?  Blind people?


update:  here it is.

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