Friday, October 23, 2015


A guy at the firearm blog spent a lotta money to do a custom 1911 build, and wrote a review of the experience.  Like I am doing!  But his is with Larry Vickers.  Heck, even I recognize that name.  He's famous.

But the experience didn't live up to the expectation.  Oh sure, he made a gun, and it wasn't a disaster, but it sounds like it could've been a better week. 

Is Larry a gunsmith or a shooter? I'm sure he is both, but I also am pretty sure he is a shooter first. It's a shame Larry wasn't as attentive as he could have been.  And Sam is a gunsmith first, shooting instructor second.  I found Sam attentive enough.

I'm spending a lotta money, but not THAT lotta.  And I doubt I'd have advanced beyond intermediate if Larry Vickers was teaching the class.  It appears to stress independent learning, and I am a bit of a slow head.


Daniel Watters said...

Vickers had a reputation in the 1990s as a serious pistolsmith for serious users...primarily his Tier 1 colleagues. Civilians that got into his build queue were considered exceedingly fortunate, and the resulting pistols were treated as Grail Guns.

Daniel Watters said...

Here's some older articles on his custom pistols: