Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How will Stallwell find us?

To get our guns and if we don't surrender him he know where to nuke us?

Well, 4473 has you name and address on it, don't it?  And NICS, too.  Now they aren't supposed to keep that information.  Well, I ain't supposed to pee in the shower, but how are you gonna know whether or no I really do?  Same with NICS.  I don't trust them, and assume they will pee in the shower no matter what.

And, in Maryland, there is a separate State Background Check system, and all pistols, and 'assault weapons,' are so-called registered, and should always go through the check. They are more upfront about it, and I am sure those Democrats running that part of my State will share that information with Representative Stalltell's (D, CA) nuclear forces, whatever their own interests are vis a vis dying in atomic fire.

But what if you moved here from Ohio?

What if you grew up on Maryland, moved to Florida for a coupla years, then moved back?

And what if you had bought guns in those other states and never bothered to buy guns in Maryland?  Stillfell's jackboots would have no idea to come to your door or target said door with a B83 thermonuclear weapon.

What if you lived in Maryland all your life just like the rest of your fambly and you cleaned out Grandpa's house after he died and he bought all his stuff ages ago before checks and now you have em and Maryland would never know or really care or be able to come after you, legally, about it, as long as you kept your mouth shut.  I mean the State might be able to prosecute you.  But you'd have to confess to everything for them.

Or what if you have always lived in free-er parts of America and legally bought and sold stuff from other individuals and that's fine because you always kept your nose clean so it's not like you are a prohibited person anyway, but nary an FFL was ever involved?

Smallsmell would have no idea who owned millions of those guns.  The gov't knows the names (S/Ns) and addresses of millions of guns, but there are quite a few more they just have no way of knowing.  Now nobody go volunteering that if if applies to you.  That Shawmell dude's crazy.  Gonna end up getting tried for crimes against humanity, he is.

I guess he'll just have to nuke every damn square inch of this country to be sure.

He's not a tyrant tho.


riverrider said...

atf inspectors make copies of the 4473s and enter them into a database that follows us wherever we go my friend. I work for a gunsmith, I've seen them do it. also find it funny how fast they find out about mass shooter's guns. not enough time to physically send an agent to the ffl, even if they knew who it was already. they got us. only thing lacking is personal sales and they already talking a ban on that first as part of Pelosi's background check scheme. but that's okay by me. that way I won't have to wait long for them to come. I have a few surprises they don't know about though.I'm old, too old to be a soldier any more. but my oath still stands. I feel sorry for the cops that will inevitably die over this. they should have schooled themselves better on the Constitution though, and had the integrity to stand by their oath. Nuremburg is full of guys that just followed orders.

Windy Wilson said...

The only one who cares about him peeing in the shower is his wife, aka "She Who Must Be Obeyed"*. There isn't actually a law and an extra-constitutional agency in charge of that, or there would be urea-sensing devices in every shower drain.
My ambition is to make enough money so I can live next-door to SS-Obergruppenf├╝hrer Stallwell should he decide to bring Sodom and Gomorrah-level destruction on his own to support his totalitarian fantasies.

* As a side issue, I gave such a mug to my Sister-in-Law last Christmas, when I also gave a mug with "He Whose Word is Law" printed on it to my Brother. I doubt either one actually got the (barbed) joke.

Comrade Misfit said...

To be a tyrant, one has to have close to unchecked power.

Xi- China. Putin- Russia. Kim- North Korea. Probably Duarte- Phillipines.

Not some pissant congressman.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

He's promising to run for the Presidency, Misfit.

Comrade Misfit said...

Promises from a politician are worth, what, exactly?

I'm trying to think of the last congressman who successfully ran for president. It has to be about two centuries or more.