Thursday, November 1, 2018

Range 29 OCT

I got the disconnetor hole closed up.

A big too much, not it is a bit too tight.  Did you want perfect?  Did you want egg in your beer, too?

For that I took 800 grip sandpaper wrapped about the shaft of a small punch to ease the wire edge.  Much much improvement in the trigger pull. Plus I played with the leaf spring a bit. 

85 American Eagle
22 Magtech
No Malfs... 257 total, passed the testing phase

And this is what I get.

Three mags shot toward the 5 holey targets.  Plus one.  A little flinch on that first one.

And that's me that shoots 1911s a little toward the right.  Not the gun.  I am pretty sure. 

My gun.

I made this:

It does this:

With MY crappy shooting skills.

I am so happy.