Sunday, January 24, 2021

Engraving Ol' Slabsides

 The 1911 has a lot of flat metal.  Engraving purty designs on guns predates 1911 by centuries.  But gunsmiths and gunnies are a conservative lot, so they commonly stick to the classic designs when engraving their pistols.  Which predates 1911 by millennia.  Scrolls and S's and C's.

If I made my living as a gunsmith I'd have eschewed the engraving side.  It requires more patience and a sharper artist's eye I than I possess

I've been enamored with Art Deco.   More and more lately.  It's spare and more muted and geometrical.  

Then the lightbulb went off and I put two and two together.  The style and pistol are contemporary. The designs can be very complex but don't have to be to still pull off a good look.  

I have seen Deco 1911s, but they aren't super common. 

In my fever-dream fantasy alternate universe where I make custom 1911s for a living I'd definitely try to remedy that.  


JayNola said...

So now I have an irrational alt-history want for an art deco engraved Tiffany 1911.

Tam said...

Engravers and gunsmiths are the same like paint guys and engine builders are.