Friday, January 15, 2021

I didn't know they were that high

The price for a piece of history.  

North of four large for a "US GOVERNMENT PROPERTY" 1911.   And that's not even for a GOOD one.  In great condition. 

You can buy a custom 1911 dolled up to look like that and much better lockwork inside for the same price.  

I shoulda become a gunnie in the 1950s if I wanted cheap surplus pistols, I guess. 


Ritchie said...

In the '70s I bought my first 1911 (no A1) at Lew Hortons in Massachusetts for $99.98, cash and walk out with the pistol in a paper bag. Since then it has become like the farmer's axe.

Angus McThag said...

Makes the $1,050.00 for a Service Grade seem cheap, don't it?

W. Fleetwood said...

True, the primary reason being that you would only be competing with maybe five other guys, one of whom was about to get married and not see a loose twenty for another six years.
I was around then, Lugers, P38s, even Broomhandles, were glove compartment of the pick up guns 'cause you didn't care how beat up they got. They were, after all, the losers pistols, right?
In those days "surplus .45 auto" was latin for "stolen from the gubmint". They were rarely sold because they were the physical "proof" of a Story. The story usually involved a Tiger tank or a Zero fighter plane. They were some fine stories too, an excellent graphic novel could be made out of each of them, and at times appears to have been.

ASM826 said...

You can get one from the gov't for under a $1000.