Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Dead Don't Die

 Saw it, finally.

Everyone is in this movie.

Iggy Pop and Tom Waits and the RZA and Steve Buscemi.  They know Bill Murray from when they worked with him on Coffee and Cigarettes.   Or, wait, maybe they are all together because of the Director.

Donald Trump is in it. ALL through it.  So is George Romero and he beautiful small-town Pennsylvania.  At least in spirit.

Ben Solo, Danny Glover, and Chloe-umlaut Sevigny.  Carol Kane and Rosie Perez and Selena Gomez.  Tilda Swinton plays herself.

Here is the trailer.

Now that makes it looks funny, but that's because the trailer is paced funny.  The movie is much slower and tedious.

And, like I warned you for years, everyone that uses a shotgun for an anti-zombie weapon, or partners up with someone that does... dies.  Fails miserably. 

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Antibubba said...

Jarmusch films are always different. I found the entire movie hilarious.