Wednesday, January 20, 2021


The T-Bolt side of the family.  My Father and my Father's Father, and so on.  They come from Germany.  Dairymen and Alpine herdsmen from Southern Bavaria, near Lake Constance.  

The first T-Bolt to come to this country in my line was Sylvester T-Bolt.  My grandfather's grandfather. He was recruited by German communities in upstate New York if emigrate because he knew how to make Limburger cheese and there was a want for that.  His older brother Peter came first.  

But his great Grandfather, John T-Bolt.  He was drafted into the Grand Armee, and he went to Moscow with the Emperor.  And got back.  Which is a feat in itself.

I sometimes wonder what his life was like on that long walk to and fro.  Well wonder no more.  

I had actually read that Tagebuch of a Napoleonic foot soldier, but it has been a while.  Let's see if Gutenberg has it for me. Nope.

At least the walk sounded pleasant and the food was good.

I think the hardship there makes up for all the hardship his descendents had afterwards, to date.

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