Saturday, March 5, 2011

GPS in Massachusetts Guns

Ha!  Politicians are sooo smart.

Glenn Reynols: "How about we put ‘em in state legislators instead? Statistically, they’re far more likely to be used in crime. And no, that’s not a joke, it’s true. . . "

JayG will be thrilled.

[yup, he is.]


Bubblehead Les. said...

Jay better find at least a storage shed a hundred yards across the border in New Hampshire and put in a Gun Safe before these Commies push this crap into law. Also, you might want to grab one in Virginia, T-Bolt, before some idiot in the Maryland Legislature follows suit. Why else do you think the NRA moved out of D.C.?

JB Miller said...

Most modern made firearms already have RFID tags inside them. So far only used for manufacturing and inventory control. Let's hope it stays that way.