Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All linky, lil thinky

Breda had a nice little link to neato stuff to do in her hometown, so I was curious about neato stuff I might be able to do locally. Yup, they have stuff for Baltimore and DC.  Thanks Breda.  I've been to quite a few of the Baltimore suggestions.
I dunno enough about this proposed federal CCW reciprocity law.  Will it pass?  Will Obama dare not sign it?  What will it mean for me here in Maryland with an out of state Utah permit (initial look says I'm still scrood until Maryland issues)?  I need to watch it more closely as it wends its way.  Of course, none of my reps will vote for it...

I like this Oleg post about collective punishment in collectivist regimes and how it parallels the onerous penalties on law abiding gun owners in this country while doing nothing to sway illegal actors.


Boat Guy said...

"Federal CCW reciprocity"... hmmm ... does the text of this proposal say something akin to "Full Faith and Credit" somewhere? That's really ALL the "reciprocity" we need, otherwise I'd have to be obtaining "non-resident" driver's licenses for every state in which I'd like to operate a motor vehicle.
I be suspicionin' on this one ... not the least since my faith in the NRA has pretty well evaporated. Will it then give the Feds the power to set criteria?

Mike W. said...

I agree with the above. I'm very skeptical of giving the Feds even more power at this point.