Monday, March 14, 2011

The Beard, again

So one of the guys at work I sorta got interested in shooting went and got himself a Mossberg shotgun and The Beard is shopping for a handgun now.

He's called The Beard because he has grown a beard since getting out of the military that appears to be sentient.  

Anyway, he wants a .45.  He asked me is HK made decent .45 pistols. 

Yes.  Yes they do.  Made by German gnomes with great engineering prowess. 

Well, after thinking on it he's come back to a S&W M&P for a full size pistol, and maybe later a .38 revolver if he ever goes the CCW route.  And he asked what I thought of M&Ps

Now I don't like M&Ps at all.  I don't like the way they feel any more than a Glock.  And I can't hit anything with them any better than a either.  I told him this and reminded him that that is just ME.  There are fans of plastic S&W, naturally.  I reminded him to try one first, and he said he was going to try this past weekend, at the rental case of the local shooting range. By now he has tried a M&P and a Glock and an XD.  They are all decent pistols for those that like the fit and feel of whatever they end up with.

But a .45 regardless.  Good.  Good. I told him to maybe reconsider the HK and get a Compact.


Boat Guy said...

"But a .45 regardless."
Words to live by. The only autoloader exception being the 10mm...

RWC said...

Just make sure he understands that he sucks, and HK hates him.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Sig 220 FTW!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

He may be a bit more budget conscious than a Sig will bear. The snubbie he's thinking is the Ruger.

Counsel said...

how about buy anything 9mm and up and learn how to hit where you shoot? :)

I don't like a glock, but I do like the fnx line.

Roberta X said...

Which military is the one that appears to be sentient?