Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Publishing Gun Owner Lists.

MD has one of these.  A list of every gun gun buyer in the state. But thanks to Ehrlich, the best gun supporter in a high enough place in power Maryland has ever had, and that isn't saying that much, I think our current state officials are little more wary than Illinois people to see it published.  The Dems have been bitten in the past when gun control measures that go further than the onerous ones we already have, come up for a vote.  Ehrlich addressed the "List of acceptable" firearms we have, similar to Massachusetts', by making the list VERY broad and new guns are added relatively quickly while he was in charge.  And that system has remained since he left.  Too hot a potato for Dems to bother wasting political capital tightening it down, I'd guess.  It's very hard to change Maryland's laws because of the anti-gun contingent that run the legislature that are secure in their seats.  The current pro-rights climate has them hunkered down in siege mode, though, biding their time waiting for the pendulum to swing back.  If the courts do their work the State will be forced to concede before that can happen, and that would be the easiest way to change policies locally. 

What do the people have against publishing the names and addresses of gun owners?  Because it would clearly end up being a Burglar shopping list.

Rank and file cops are against the idea, here and in Illinois.  Because it encourages burglars who then have extra guns on the street that they then have to deal with.  Plus, I'm sure the police wouldn't like it if someone posted their names and addresses for criminal to easily find THEM, so they may empathise a bit more with gun owner, here and in other jurisdictions including Illinois.  That's the rank and file cops.  The policy makers are a different story, and some of these wear police uniforms with more shiny things on their epaulets than the beat cop.  Anti-gunners could use a rash of burglaries by conveniently ignoring the thefts they caused and instead calling for more gun bans targeting the law abiding to address the guns they indirectly and 'inadvertently' put into criminal's hands.


Jim said...

One of the main reasons I chose to live in Virginia instead of Maryland when we moved here are the gun laws. Still not perfect in Virginia, but much better than Maryland.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Also, it'd be embarrassing to find out how many D.C.-based Liberals who live across the line own guns. Think of all the Politicians,Pundits and Press People who would be "Outed" when their Anti Stance is revealed to be a Fraud.

Mike W. said...

They'll publish the lists, then call for "lost & stolen" ordinances making those who were victimized criminally liable for those thefts.

And people wonder why I find anti-gunners contemptible.