Saturday, March 19, 2011


Sorry for the late post.  Early morning Romero mission.  Down at the Discovery Channel Headquarters building, Silver Spring.

It was just one so they just sent me.  A buddy recognized something off and gave me the heads up.  Apparently they are working on some new angle for Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs and things went all wrong, as they tend to do with zombies.  I guess they won't be green lighting production of THAT episode.

It's only a few miles from my house, so in and out in 15 minutes, maybe and hour for wrap up and tying loose ends, then I had breffass at the Tastee Diner.  Which used to be located where the Discover Channel building now is.  They made a big deal about moving the diner a few blocks, so that's nice.  Better parking where it is now, anyway.

Anyhoo, it was simple enough, with just one.  First determine that it really is just one, make the lab workers that were nearby strip down to be sure there were no bite marks and thus a second zed could be anticipated.  Mr. Zee was in a holding area outside the cell he HAD been in (they always get out of their confinement area, somehow.  Every time.  And they never have a contingency when it happens.  Keeps the Romero teams in business.)  Then upside his head with a fire extinguisher.  No fuss no muss.  One of the snake-eater types will be inserted into the janitorial staff to observe for a week or two, be sure it doesn't repeat.  Then it was just a matter of erasing the footage from the closed circuit cameras that saw me and it.

1 Shamblor retired. No injuries to uninfected.  Or me. Truth effectively suppressed. You're welcome.

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Keep up the Good Work!