Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I realized I have 3 types of 'operating systems' on the guns I own, and I will try to stick to them for the serious firearms

For long rifles, the charging handled is pull straight back, the safety is ahead of the trigger and you push it forward to fire.  These include the M1, M1A and Model 11 shotgun from Remington.

For pistols there is load and go.  DA only.  Revolvers and the Sig fall into this group.  I could get more revolvers, or the Glock/M&P/XD route.

The other is a frame mounted safety, down to go, on a SA pistol.  This is the 1911.  I'll eschew from getting some other safety system like on the slide, or switch 'up' to go.  Or anything with a decocker like other Sigs, Berreta. or various other models.  Keep it simple, like my ammo inventory.


Boat Guy said...

There is much to be said for simplicity and standardization ... up to a point. Being able to readily operate other systems that may be encountered could perhaps be crucial.
I think an important point is to understand the various "safety features" and to be able to "work around them". When carrying the Beretta (hope to never HAVE to do this again, but I COULD) the decocker-safety-thingy got used as part of the procedure to make the weapon ready again; the "safety" was never "on" when the pistol left my hand - or came into my hand

Bubblehead Les. said...

For those Stupid Walther P-38 Type Safety Systems, Mas Ayoob had a fix. As you grasp the Pistol, keep the thumb of the Gripping Hand straight and parallel to the rest of the fingers and use it like a wedge to push the safety up, then wrap it around the Grip for the Draw Stroke. Hope this helps.

Counsel said...

I've used a Sig for years, but I am really liking the fnx-9! The decocker/"safety" works well, and I find the weapon fantastic!

Murphy's Law said...

H&K P7 "squeeze-cocker". Nothing safer, nothing faster. "Click-CLICK!"