Friday, March 25, 2011

Range Report

From my old buddy Chuckles:

Took the boy out to Hap Baker a couple of weekends ago.  Good times.  It's been a long time since I've been to the range.  Inspired me to the degree that I finally bought my AR this past Saturday at White Marsh Arms in Reisterstown.  Colt 6920, been wanting one of these for a long time, can't wait to get it. [ed: we have a waiting period in MD] After I walked in, I realized there was a lot I wanted to buy!  Felt like I've been asleep at the wheel for a couple of years.  I plan to make a couple of more purchases over the coming months. Would have popped for two on Saturday and done my 60 days in timeout [ed: MD has 1 gun a month] but they didn't have what I wanted.  A PPK\S or a Colt New Agent - haven't seen the little Colt in person yet but I think I gotta get me one.

Secondly, have either of you two researched suppressors at all?  I didn't realize it would take 4 - 6 months to get one!  I figured I better send off the paperwork so I can get started waiting right away.  What's good for a .22?  I have nothing to use it on now other than my Buckmark but it's not threaded.  Figure I'll get a Ruger MkIII and\or a Ruger SR22 or some other nice 10/22 setup to play with in the backyard - plenty of time to sort that out.  Just wondering if you guys know anything more about them I do, which is diddly, to shortcut my Internet researching.

Thinking about stopping at pistol range sometime this week to puruse their display cases.  Anyone interested?  

Yes Chuckles.  I'm interested.  Maybe today...

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JB Miller said...

Bring him to VA and he can shoot my suppressed firearms!