Friday, March 11, 2011

Range March

So I went to the range last week with the Commander and the 617.  The Commander just for practice and 10 shot .22 revolver to test out my new speed loaders.

Conclusion is that the speed loader works very well.  I can now load the revolver, load two speed loaders, and load 2 speed loader bases with 10 rounds each and shoot 50 rounds without any real pause.  I am pleased, and recommend them to folks.

The mechanism is slightly different to my other speed loaders.  Instead of a pin that rotate over to hold the round in place by the rim, it's a spring around the circumference and you just push the rounds into place. 

My .45 work is the same.  No epiphany in accuracy.  I am better than before I think, but the gains are incremental.

With the .22, most of the work I did was double action.  Though I found a use for the pasters.  I can place them on other parts of the target and use them for some light single action practice.  The sights on the revolver require a 'lollipop' hold on the target.  I may raise the rear sight to lessen this a bit.  Just because lollipop is not my preference.  Other people swear by lollipop.



Guffaw in AZ said...

The jet speedloader design is not new. They originated in the 70's from some machine shop in Fl. They were very fast, and could be used even vertically! They went away for a while. Now, I understand they're available with an addition of somekind of lock! This is a vast improvement. The older technology was delicate, if you dropped or tossed a loader, the contents were likely to empty w/o your permission! Good to hear!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every once in awhile and have seen your comments about right and low w/ the 1911. I've been shooting good groups left and low (rightie) since I started shooting a couple of years ago, with only a few holes in the middle. My last session tho' I reversed the ratio. It took a couple of sessions but here's what helped. Every item except #5 was suggested by a retired 101st Airborne vet at the range who was watching me shoot. (He's one of the RSOs at my club). He told me to:

1. Stand straight up w/ an isosceles stance. The Weaver will come later.
2. Relax
3. Use the pad of finger, not bring the whole joint through.
4. Don't go for the perfect sight picture. He loaded my mags a couple of times with a snap cap in the mix to show me how I flinch. He said it comes from waiting for the perfect shot then trying to get it off before you lose it. He said to imagine a bull's eye size tunnel from the barrel to the target and keep your sights in that tunnel, forget about perfect, just squeeze and be surprised.
5. I watched Todd Jarrett's video several times which led me to focusing on his suggestions for grip, finger and especially on squeezing "one hair at a time". As I focus on "one hair at a time' I'm not focused on the perfect shot and am surprised by the bang.

Hope there's something of value here. I couldn't believe the difference it made for me, especially the tunnel idea and "one hair at a time".

Bubblehead Les. said...

Have a neat accessory for the Speed Loaders I'll bring you in Pittsburgh. Makes carrying them a whole lot easier during Level 4's.

Old NFO said...

The .45 work is better than when we shot at NRA. It just takes TIME and trigger time. The suggestions above are all valid, and I think we talked about most of them during the day.