Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Shooters

Ah, this memeOne of my faves.

When asked by n00bies what to get, or if I was a gunstore clerk:

With women I recommend getting a variety at the range rental counter to try out, and try mine, and see what they like and what suits them and their needs.  If they have no specific preferences and are rank beginners I recommend the one they liked and shot well, speed and accuracy and fun wise.  I avoid the guns on the margins, like gargantuan recoil cannons and mini heaters, unless they tried one and like it, of course.  But hey, if they like the .44 magnum Derringer... more power to em. 

For men, I say, "Get a custom high dollar 1911 for your first gun, unless you are a baby or something.  You're not, are you?  A baby?  HUH?!!!"  And I look at them askance if they balk at that suggestion.  Sheesh.  Put yer big pants on, Mister.


Anonymous said...

I always ask, "What is your budget and why do you want one?"

Their answer will change my recommendation.


Earl said...

I don't recommend anything, except your first pistol should be a gift from someone that loves you that much... really, mine was. Still have it.

Bubblehead Les. said...

1911! Pshahw! The REAL BIG BOYS fart in your General Direction! Everyone KNOWS that REAL BIG BOYS carry and use Snubbies From Hell!

North said...

I poke a sharp finger into their chests when I call them baby. Two syllables, two pokes.