Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Make no mistake.  This is a Confiscation bill.  No grandfathering for most stuff, and nothing I can tell after 1994 purchases.  After the law you will get a court order to turn in what they already know you have.  At their convenience.

They know about you pistols.  They know about any M1A you bought in the last few years.  They know about all the ARs you bought or any stripped lower.  That information was written down by the gunstore and send to Lanham, as is required already by law.

Let them know they are over-reaching.

I need my reader's help.  Call or email OUR senators.  These people are a start.  If we can stop this in Maryland it will take some of the momentum out of the national push.  Use any angle.  Tell them you do business here, or travel through here, or have considered being a tourist here when visiting DC.  Even if you live in Arizona and never intend to cross the Mississippi you can contact them and say you will donate to their re-election if they vote no.   Be brief, firm but polite, I recommend.


Chris said...

FWIW, I emailed a reasoned argument to my State Senator and three Delegates. The odds of it having any effect are virtually zero. I live in a suburb of Baltimore that has been gerrymandered into the city, so all four of the above are well to the left of even the average Maryland Democrat. My State Senator is one of the co-sponsors. But, I have pissed into the wind for other causes, so what the heck.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It might work. If those liberal politician got 5 email last time, but THIS time they got 500, they might think, "whoa, this is not what I thought it would be. And these are only people that bothered to write a uber-left pol. Imagine what my buddy on the committee that lives further out is getting. he could lose his cushy job. I better act a little more balanced, but still vote for this"

While buddy my vote against to save his own skin.

Laura said...

fucking Cardin is making up stats to save face. he claims that while there are a lot of people writing in, the silent majority surely outnumber us.