Thursday, January 17, 2013


Two seller dudes at a Maryland gunshow (we HAVE those?) marked their hundred odd 30 round mags as 20 round mags.  You cannot buy or sell 30 round mags in my state.  20 or less.

One was from New Cumberland Virginia, the other from Upper Marlboro Maryland.  So they should have known better.

Undercover state cops noticed.  Now they are in deep doo-doo.

More importantly, now there are over 100 regular capacity magazines for ARs out of circulation!


Steve said...

That was an incredibly stupid thing to do. It's a stupid law, but it's not with going to jail or getting fined.

On a related note, I thought all sorts of illegal activity took place at gun shows. You know, selling machine guns, grenade launchers, thermonuclear devices. Have I been lied to?

Also, hippies smell.

orbitup said...

What does David Gregory have to say about that?

Teke said...

Would it have made a difference if they were marked 10-Rd .458 Socom?

I doubt it.

This was just plain Stupid and not what our side needs at this time. N matter how ridiculous the law is.

Laura said...

from what i understand, members of Maryland Shooters turned them in.