Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When the dust settles

When the dust settles, what will the enemy get?

They are shooting for the moon and want to roll back a few decades of advances in civil rights and get whole acres of stuff actually banned, but it looks like they will settle for the incrementalism of 'only' action on the so-called gun show loophole.

In other words, they will merely settle for gun registration.


What does registration do beside be a pre-cursor, historically*, for a gun?  It does nothing to stop people getting shot by bad guys, that's for sure.

We have this, already, in my State.  Pistols and anything the State thinks is an Assault Rifle.  No action has been done with it, yet.    And THIS is also why its a good idea to keep the gun culture bipartisan.  It's a way to make inroads to the Blue states and secure our rights forever.  That is not in the interest of the Elephants or Donkeys, which often thrive on issue wedges, from one side or the other or both.

[* Like, California, UK, Australia, 1770 American Colonies... just for SOME English speaking bans]


Old NFO said...

Good point sir... GOOD point!

Anonymous said...

I have spoken with a large number of Australians who owned guns during the "buy back" and would like a few points to be known.

First while all but 2 of the states/territories of Aud had gun registration the vast majority of guns required to be handed in were simply not handed in. After almost 20 years on one has come looking for them.

Many of the guns were broken or of a type that was not banned as the payments for even non-semi auto guns were high so some gun owners took the cash and then bought a new gun of the same type. Dispite this most of the money put aside for the gun hand in was not spent and was instead used in the health budget.

Many of the guns handed in were not distroyed and some have turnd up at crime scenes.