Friday, January 18, 2013

Range Trip

Went to the range last weekend with Saucy Trollop.  Then we went right back out again.  More than an hour wait.  The place was packed with customers, gun shopping, too.



Old NFO said...

Well, there are scant pickings left at most places, and people are shooting while they can... Feel sorry for you MD folks... O'Malley is after y'all too.

Armed Canadian said...

Not going to get us, Old NFO. MSI, MDS, AGC and so on are on top of the legislative session. Just because O'Malley proposes a package doesn't mean he gets it.

We'll fight him and encourage every MD gun owner or potential owner to do the same.

I'm shooting stuff I have in stock and can resupply more easily. Something to be said for toy diversity!