Sunday, January 6, 2013

Contrarian Tries His Luck

Last Saturday, a work buddy I've referred to as Contrarian on this blog, when gun shopping.  He went to the Nations Gun Show and tried some gunstores closer to home.

What's he looking for?  He LOVES 100 round mags.  And needs mags for his Saiga.  And he really wants and FN FiveSeven.  Oh, needed ammo for his AR, too.

You can guess how his day went.  Bupkis.

He described the Fun Show as a "polite Black Friday" shopping experience.  The ammo avaliable was $450 a can, best price.  Most of it was just gone.  The cheapest 30 round mags were $20 a piece and looked a dog's breakfast. 

At Bass Pro, he had to take a number.  He was 106th in line, so he found an easy chair and read for a few hours.  When his turn was up, anything worth having was sold.  Semi-auto pistols?  Please.  The revolvers were starting to take a hit.  Even the CROSSBOWS were getting bought up.  They weren't even let customers place an order and wait for it to come in stock, regardless of price or patience.

And remember, this is Maryland.  If it's gone last Saturday it was 'bought' the Saturday before, or earlier.

ALL my work buddies that had a gun purchase in mind now know they dragged their feet too long.  They will still buy, and will wait til the stock comes back and be purchase with alacrity when it does.  So this mass wave of buying still has guaranteed movement on the back end. 

So, one magazine for $40 (30 rd) and one box of 5.7 ammo for $70, was all he scored.


Old NFO said...

Ouch... and yeah, procrastination is NOT his friend...

JD Rush said...

I get nervous looking at the empty revolver racks locally. Normally they are full.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I'm actually afraid to make the circuit of the local shops! My Nephew who is headed to Afghanistan is in the market for a 4inch .357 Revolver, and I'd promised him to see what was out there. Usually they're a dime a dozen in Ohio, because "GLOCK/M+P/H+K? Plastic Guns Rule!", but with the Panic Buying going on.....