Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Contact Your Congress Critter

I mailed actual letters last week.  One was even typed on a typewriter, so they know I took some time and didn't copy paste.  I even got Archie to send an letter, and this isn't his issue.

Today I sent emails. 

Have you?  A letter is worth more than a $25 donation to the Second Amendment Foundation, but I did that too.  More than $25 actually.

I was polite but insistent.  I made it known that further restrictions were unacceptable, and if they insist on doing something, take a look at ditching the dangerous-to-victims Gun Free zones and how we treat our severely mentally ill.


Old NFO said...

Done and will be calling this week.

Aaron said...

Done, and did the donations to SAF and NRA-ILA as well.

Happy New Year and let's work to keep it happy.