Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Look at this.

I showed this before but I can't stop staring at it...

What's going on here?

Ok, there are ten stations.  And I'm mostly guessing...

#5 is the powder filler
#7 is the bullet placer
#8 is seating the bullet
#9 is the case crimper....

What are all the others for?

#1 looks like a de-primer?  Why would you need that in a factory from fresh cases, unless this is a reload factory?  #2 and #3 looks like they might be sizing cases.  Who knows which one is actually adding a new primer under the covers and off camera...  Wouldn't make sense to add the primer after the powder, so not #6


Geodkyt said...

Probably just ensuring the primer pocket and flash hole is perfect by swaging or reaming the new cases.

Wolfman said...

That probably makes #6 a charge verification die. Check to make sure there aren't squibs. I don't have a progressive press, but I understand you can get lockout dies that work that way.

Anonymous said...

2,3-sizing dies,priming
4-indexing-check primer presence
6-tamper-check powder level