Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Me, Personally

I am a responsible gun owner.  Or I like to think of myself as such.  I happen to agree with the reasonable restrictions placed on gun ownership.  Specifically, people that are adjudicated crazy, convicted felons, traitors, or substance abusers should not have access to guns.

Would I snitch on a neighbor that I knew had a gun and I knew was one of those things?  Maybe.  Probably.  It would feel oogy, but I'd do it.  If I trusted the cops not to then inform said crazy criminal drug dealer neighbor that I was snitch.

If I happened to be living with a prohibitted person, I would not have one of my own guns in the house.  Period.  The responsible thing to do is totally disarm, I feel.  Maybe, maybe, I'd get a VERY good safe and keep one or two in there. 

You know what else?  If I was living with person that I knew SHOULD be adjudicated crazy but hasn't yet, or was living with a person that I knew commits real felonies but hasn't been convicted yet, I'd also not have any guns.  (Truth?  I wouldn't keep a felon in the house either.  Not even a relative.  But a crazy relative?  That might cohabit with me in some hypotheticals I can think of.)

But that's just the precautions I'd take.  Totally disarmed (I wouldn't like it) or a Fort Knox quality vault and only enough guns that I could safely keep track of on the rare occasions I opened it.  Two.  Maybe.  I might own other guns but keep them offsite.

I am thinking of that mom of the shooter in Connecticut.  She certainly knew her son was crazy.  And I am having a hard time believing her guns that he absconded with were really secure to a level I'd be comfortable with if I had a son like that. 


Old NFO said...

Excellent points... and of course SHE will be blamed by the media...

Anonymous said...

I personally do not find your "beliefs or thoughts" out of touch. However, that is not what 2A addresses. "shall not be infringed" is pretty clear in it's wording.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

And this is nothing about infringement, Anon.

Bakersfield Photography said...

There should be precautions in owning a gun. It takes a lot of responsibility to avoid accidents and to ensure safety. I hope what happened in Connecticut will serve as lessons to us. God Bless their souls.

Anti Money Laundering said...

We shall be responsible if we own a gun. I agree that if we have relatives that are somewhat crazy we will make sure to keep our guns and not to tell them about it. I hope people will learn from the incident in connected.