Friday, January 25, 2013

Dems v. GOP

One thing about all this talk about gun control.

It's gone beyond gun-banners and 2nd Amendment Civil Rights activists.

When the issue goes to the current level it rises to the level of major league politics.  So you get people that never said a thing about the issue one way or another to come participate in the fight.  Because it is about hurting Obama or hurting Boehner and becomes about capital 'P' Politics, winning and losing.  New voices want to work it for reasons often separate from the core argument.

Have you noticed that there are LOT more 'anti' comments on various threads on neutral websites?  This is good.  Our side never STOPPED honing our argument and participating on virtual soapboxes, all over.  We had good arguments ready and now can deploy them against new opponents.  Smart opponents are also responding, causing our side to tighten up our logic and we thus get better.  If you debate 3rd grade intelligences for years and then the high school debate team finally comes out to play you can't help but get sharper.

Also, metrocons get drawn into the discussion and you learn where they stand.  Hannity actually DOES stuff for our side, now, where before he'd just give an occaisional not (I am told.  There is only so much of him I can take in one sitting so I never heard him expound, but I am assured he has, sometimes, by more loyal listeners).  I really don't think the 2nd is that important to him beyond his own carrying CCW, but his desire to beat Obama, wherever and whenever, gets him in the ring.

The bad?  When the lines are drawn in Politics you end up with the gun debate being more and more about GOP vs Dem Party partisan stuff than what it truly is...  A Civil Rights issue.  One that applies to all Americans.  Like Freedom of Expression, it should be neither left nor right.

I liked how Tom Brokow compared 2nd Amendment types to Segregationists.  That is some Weapons Grade ignorance there from a former giant talking head.  Disgusting.  I hope he is still alive when people come around to the fact that gun banning is the true violation and light bulb goes off over his head on where he once stood.  On the side with the Klan and the Dixiecrats and George Wallace.  Brokow: "Gun banning now, gun banning tomorrow, gun banning forever!"

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Uh, yeah it should be Politically Neutral, but in Today's Political Environment, it CAN'T be.

You see, unlike the Ye Olde Days, the Modern Democratic Party has gotten rid of most of their "Moderates." They are Hard-Core Leftists in Designer Suits and Dresses who KNOW, deep in their wizened souls, that ONLY THEY have the Smarts, Education and Wherewithal to bring about the New Golden Age!

So EVERY issue is Political to them, and anyone who Opposes them MUST be Destroyed! So, with that Mindset, their Main Enemy is not the NRA, nor Bush but the EVIL REPUBLICAN/LIBERTARIAN/MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!

And any "Clinger" who supports them must also be Destroyed!

Just look at all the Mobs that attacked various State Capitals last Summer. Just look at all the Occupy Sites. Just look at all the Uber-Liberal Legislation that is coming out in those States where they have Political Majorities.

Just think about this. Maryland has drunk the New York Kool-Aid, and YOU will soon be declared an "Enemy of the State" like Zercool in Upstate New York. Who did this? POLITICIANS IN POWER! It wasn't some Conquering Horde from Mongolia, there hasn't been a Russian Revolution storming the Winter Palace, it is a bunch of Political Elites meeting in a Building writing Unconstitutional Laws, knowing that they will NEVER be Prosecuted by the Current Federal DOJ for Violating the 2A. It's a "Big Push" by the Left, one of several that has occured over the Decades that has brought us THIS CLOSE to the Disarming of the American Citizens.

Which, in their PlayBook MUST be done before they can get Total Power to bring about the Utopia that Marx promised over a 175 years ago in the Communist Manifesto.

And what is SCARY is that the Republitards in Power think that this is just "Business as Usual," and they'll "Fix It" when they get Back in Charge. Idiots!