Monday, January 28, 2013

Maryland Pictures

Of T-Bolt, the proto gunnie.

 That's me shooting my Dad's old BB gun in the back yard at my grandparents place down in St. Mary's County, Maryland  Poor shooting form, but I was 10ish.  I am pretty sure that is a KISS t-shirt.  We shot at aluminum TV dinner trays. My first 'gun' experience


Here is another pic from the 'front'.  Their house was on the beach.  Me and my little brother.  A year or two before the shooting picture.  1977 or 78 there was a lot of ice on the Chesapeake (the late 70s were COLD). There were ice flow piled up much higher in places.  Higher than me.  The slush behind us extended more than 50 yards out and you can see pack further out.  At low tide, with calm water and no sea knettles, you could walk a couple hundred yards out and the water was only up to my teenage neck, later, in warmer times.  You might notice a little spot on the horizon to the right of me.  That is the Point No Point Lighthouse.  Sometime we'd putter out to it in my grandfathers little outboard.

That was the same area we shot 20 gauge shotgun slugs that bounced off the water.  I wouldn't do that now.



breda said...

Zukes and 'maters in the garden!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Grammy did a lotta pickling.

Old NFO said...

Good pics and not bad for 10 :-)