Friday, October 9, 2020

A bit distracted

 But hey, I got that MRI referral to arrange for now.  

Hard to blog.  Distracted by the burning, charlie horse, sensation in my legs.  Distracting.  I wish I could get a nights sleep.  So tired.  Hooray, whinging.  That always draws in the readers.  


Buddy told me a story of woe with his FN pistol he got a year ago.  Stove pipes a lot.  When I hear about that malfunction my first thought goes to extract tension or some other extractor issue.  I mean, it could be a lotta things, but that is the first, sorta-most-common, thing I check.

I know how to adjust the tension on a 1911.  I don't even know how to disassemble the newer types extractor hooks on more modern designs.  How to adjust that once disassembled?  Cut a bit of the spring off?  A loop or two?  I'd have to do more research on that.  A burr on the hook is another thing to look for.  On new guns especially.  When you are told to shoot a gun a lot to work it into reliability, and it does get more reliable, I kinda think this might be one of the things that is happening.  You are wearing off the burrs on the machined bits. Something a good manufacturer should have already done. But even good makers might miss a spot.     


Hooray!  Got an imaging appt Monday.

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Mike V said...

I’d also wonder about proper lubrication.