Saturday, October 10, 2020

Grocery Report

 I haven't done one in a while.

It is hard to find baloney at my store that isn't the less deirable thick cut version.  No regular slice, no beef only, no thin.  

Paper good have taken a dive again.  The shelves peaked in inventory and have now noticeable dropped in qauntity and variety.  

Still low on disinfectant items in the cleaning aisle except for bottle and bottles of off brand bleach.  

Soda pop is actually a notch down.  Barely noticeable, but there, drop in variety available.   Odd

I mean, nothing like the peak of the Plague Pandemic, but a dip.

The butcher aisle is fine.  Which is superb.  

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Ritchie said...

In Denver suburbs, 70% rubbing alc is out again, in smaller bottles than before, but at a fair(ish) price. ~$US2.00