Tuesday, October 6, 2020


 One thing about having a mask mandate for the Rona?

My office if freezing, most days, summer and winter.  Oh sure, they can have not dialed in the thermostat and I could have shotgunned a quart of hot coffee and need the desk fan, but most times?  I'm cold.  Long sleeves year round.  I wear a knit hat in the winter somedays, at my desk.

But a cloth mask on my face keeps my cheeks toasty.  Even when I am sitting in my cube and not required to wear it I often do.  Funny, huh?

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Will said...

Find some other way to warm your face.
There are some potential health concerns from wearing masks. aka: face diapers.

Lower blood oxy levels.
Infections, especially if you are not changing masks as they were designed for.
Heart arrhythmia.
Skin problems.
Potential social and psychological effects.

Pandemics (viral) have been studied for 100 years (starting with the Spanish Flu) to assess the usefulness of generally available masks. Still no measurable improvement to health. It's political theater, just like the TSA.