Saturday, October 3, 2020


 Are there White Supremacist out there?  Sure.  Is obsessing over them 24/7 and trying to hang them on Trump like an albatros justified?  Not even a little bit.

Worrying about Those kind of hate groups, in general is like the press worrying about a cut on their finger.  Sure, it's sore and bleeding a little bit.  But they are ignoring the fact someone has chopped off their left (and Marxist) foot and it is bleeding profusely.  The urgency to address the finger is misplaced.  That cut is the least of their current worries

But you can't say Trump lit up the night sky over Dem cities when your collectivist buddies have the molotovs.

White Supremacists are pretty much a non-player.  The only power they have is the attention 'Journalists' give them by talking about them all the time.  Because the only way they can be connected with the GOP and Trump is by self same muckrakers insisting they are connected.  Constantly accusing them of such racial bigotry is just calumny.  And over time is becoming ineffective, exposing only themselves for their base slander.  

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Jonathan H said...

I've seen estimates on how many actual, avowed, white supremacists are out there - the answer is "not many" .
While the KKK gets most of the attention, they haven't done anything significant in years. They don't release membership numbers, however the best estimates are that they have well under 5,000 members nationally.
I'm surprised how few people know about other, MUCH more dangerous groups - like the Aryan Brotherhood, which is larger than the KKK and who other gangs, even the worst of the Hispanic gangs, tread lightly around. There are also some other smaller more shadowy groups that everyone should fear.
Unlike the Left, they aren't celebrated and widely supported. as I've seen well written about elsewhere, the biggest threat to the country and to minorities is from the Left, not the Right...