Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Well, they're not really common sense gun rights restrictions

From your lips to God's ear, Dick, that Barrett brings some rationality to the system

I mean I could write some gun control.  It wouldn't be "Shall not be infringed" like it should be, but it would be a great evolutionary leap in that direction.  As the enemy likes to point out "Heller said the right isn't absolute!"  Well it is a lot closer to that than the current nonsensical 'common sense' gun right violating regulatory regime allows.


First, ditch are state laws with Federal preemption and the Supremacy Clause.  We are talking about a right under the 2nd and 14th Amendments.  And the 4th.  States can't say this race or that one can't vote in state elections, can they?  Or this religion or caste can be banned from public spaces or schools, can they?

Second, keep the NICS checks to keep the screaming from the ninnies to a minimum.  Weed out felons that way.  But NICS only goes to the shooter, not the shooting iron.  No serial number involved.  If you buy a gun on the 13th of November, that NICS number should be good until the 13th of December.  SO buy 6 or seven more if you want on Pearl Harbor Day.  Just cite your NICS number and dates, the FFL confirms that is valid and Robert is your Mother's brother.  Enjoy your 3rd Glock 18.  Buy one in Maryland, another in Virginia and a third in Texas.  NICS is national, after all.  

Third, gut most of the GCA and NFA.  If a policeman can carry a firearm in the line of duty, a regular citizen certainly can.  So the NFA become mostly moot.  I don't think the cops should have mines or frag grenades, so... keep the NFA for that?  What, the cops don't want me to have flash bangs?  Fine, then they can't either.  

Fourth. CCW permitting. If you insist on one, it has to have a long period before it expires, be very cheap, very quick, and very easy to acquire.  You know what?  Vermont carry, nationwide.  If Vermont can do it, the rest of us can.  

It's a right, dammit.

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Jonathan H said...

I could definitely live with that.
I'm ok with NICS if it allows national purchase. I LIKE having police be limited to the same weapons we can own and carry. They aren't military and shouldn't be allowed to act like they are.