Sunday, October 11, 2020

Ok... Ok...

 We aren't out of the woods yet.

But... this Covid stuff isn't the Spanish Flu.  2.2 million aren't gonna be dead my New Years.  Like they promised 10 months ago.  The original guesstimate of 3.4% mortality ain't really happening.  It's less than that.  Not good, peeps still die from it, bit it is more like 0.14%.  It KILLS folks, no shit.  But not like how we originally acted it did.

Does this mean we can say President Trump saved 2 million Americans from certain death?  Yes, we can, if we use Democrat math.  Bastards.

That doesn't mean this disease wasn't fucking scary back then in April.  Christ.  Don't forget that!  We may have suspected the better case scenario, but there was no way to know that.  And folks were scared and snappy then.  Don't hold their fear against them.  

3.4% death rate...  Armageddon.

2% really bad flu season, the likes of which you have probably never seen.

1% mildish flu season. Normal.

Amazing what that tenths place means.

Is this Disease really 1.4?  Worldwide?  Be a while before we know for sure, what with places exaggerating numbers and others downplaying.  

Wait, I got those numbers wrong.

There were 3.4% predictions.  I never believed those.  I could go along with 2.2 million in the USA, total, way back in the beginning.  The equivalent of 1918.  We didn't get that.

But .20% is a really bad flu.  .10% is milder flu mortality.  The WHO says we are close to .14%, now. It's hundreths place.  That counts.

Not that I trust the World Health Organization.  Too much influenced by our adversary, too many about faces.  Much like the CDC.

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McChuck said...

What pandemic? It's over. It's been over.