Friday, October 16, 2020

Founders, and AR's

 Yes they did David Harsanyi, formerly of the Federalist.

You know, National Review doesn't have the cache it used to.  But I am sure the Federalist will take you back if/when the publication fails. 

Obviously, I prefer the Federalist these days.  NR needs a come-to-Jesus moment, to correct their trajectory.  But so does Paul Ryan's Fox News.

Anyway, the article.  It's the same hash we've seen many times before.  Ho hum.  Hell, I bet I've written similar.  And I've read the same thing with different words many times.  And heard JayG rant about ti many times.  "Just because the founders never saw an AR doesn't mean the 2nd doesn't cover ARs.  It does.  Just like the 1st covers radio signals and internet HTML."  And besides, Heller settled this.  Individual right, yes.  Yes, modern implements.  Go somewhere else to push against the not-absolute-right envelope.  

Hmmm, what right IS absolute?  Or the closest to absolute.  A man on death row is about to lose his right to life, but instead of a last meal he could pen a letter to the editor of his local paper.  He can't incriminate himself for other crimes even if they can do no worse to him at this point. Copping to a car theft while being strapped to the Chair is fine, but you can't coerce him to.  He can still call for his lawyer.  He has no gun rights whatsoever, though.   

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