Thursday, October 1, 2020

Maryland Magazine Laws

In Maryland it is illegal to transfer a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds.  

But not illegal for me, the gun owner, to possess or use a gun with a larger magazine.  

Workarounds are plentiful.  Buy magazines in Pennsylvania, take them home, being common.

Guns come with magazines.  So what do the gunstores do?  Only get guns with 10-rounders?  

Well, they can take off the bottom plate and put a dowel in there.  

And now I heard another idea.  Gun stores sell you and AR, and with it comes a magazine body or two, a couple followers, two floor plates, and some big springs.  Take it home, go into lego mode, and, Robert is your mother's brother.   

This state.


Jonathan H said...

An inconvenient and utterly useless law... about par for the course for Democrats... One of the many stupidities I saw when I lived there...

Ritchie said...

In these parts, (Colorado) it's common for a shop to sell you a "repair kit". The nice clerk will open the plastic bag, disassemble the mag and put the parts back in the bag. Bob's right over there. Plastic mags will have those clock face molding date things, and I've seen some aluminum mags with date marks. So the question of being grandfathered could be argued if anyone cared, or if charges were being stacked high and deep.