Thursday, October 15, 2020

I need what JFK had

 He took some medicine for his back pain.  

I'll take up his regime, and just avoid convertibles and Dallas.

  1. antispasmodics for my bowels
  2. paregoric, 
  3. lamodal transatine
  4. muscle relaxants
  5. Phenobarbital
  6. Librium
  7. Meprobomate
  8. Codeine
  9. Demerol
  10. Methadone
  11. oral and injected cortisone
  12. Testosterone... for the ladies...
  13. Nembutal for sleep. 
  14. And injected sometimes six times a day, six places on the back with Novocain or Procaine just to enable me to face the day.
Spitting image of me.  We could be twins.  He had more social graces and connections, but I am better in the sack.  

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ProudHillbilly said...

I need to look a few of those up. But I'm pretty sure my prescrip for joint inflammation needs to be upped. Because I'm taking a post-cancer drug that causes inflammation in my joints. But gotta say JFK has me beat for meds.