Wednesday, October 7, 2020


 "If your data was stolen in the OPM hack you can use that as a 'good and substantial reason' to get a MD CCW."

"I head dudes with a security clearance can put that on the form and they pretty much automatically give you the MD CCW."

Yeah?  I know people with security clearances and people that got their data hacked.  They haven't gotten it.  Can you get one of your friends to show you their MD CCW card to confirm?  

A Maryland permit like that is like hunting for snipe.  I do, personally, know a person that is a TRAINER for the MD CCW permit process.  All the people he trained were the "Business owners with lots of cash" types.  No hack victims or spies or what have you.  And their preferred holseter was a ratty paper bag.  When they CCW they carry their gun in their hand and both hidden inside a paper bag.  Money bag in the other hand.  North Baltimore guys aren't fooling around  


Rob said...

I tick most of the boxes for “good and substantial reason” EXCEPT dealing with cash. Didn’t help, I still got denied.

Will said...

You have to tick off all the boxes for CYA of the officials involved.

THEN, you have to know someone that can get it issued for you. That is the normal requirements of "May Issue" bureaucracies.

Quite often, well, usually, you have to pay someone for the privilege.