Friday, May 30, 2008

.22 semi

Are there any more choices for a .22 semi-automatic mag-fed rifle out there BESIDES a Ruger 10/22? Ruger seems to be the default and I was a pondering the alternatives.

Sure Browning and Remington make them. And Marlin did too. But the Ruger has about 458,609,862,345 aftermarket parts, and is probably the cheapest. Convince me I should look at others.


Anonymous said...

Get the Ruger 10/22.

Can't beat it.

West, By God said...

I have a Mossberg Plinkster. It pretty much sucks (for a lot of reasons... mainly the lame trigger), but you can't beat the price (got mine for under $100 new.)

I'm pretty sure the 10/22 is still the best "cheap" .22 rifle out there, although I've always preferred bolt rifles, which everyone makes. Take a look at Savage or Marlin.

Anonymous said...

I have a Marlin, a Remington Nylon 66, and an old Remington single-shot boltie that's a family heirloom. Like them all. The old single is the accuracy winner by far.

The Armed Canadian said...

Don't forget Savage. Good guns and they make a semi-auto. Or you can go modern and get a .22 AR-15. Not cheap.

Bear in mind that Ruger has been more than willing to cave to political pressure and gun control in the past. Hence why they don't produce magazines with more than 10 rounds even though they could. Ruger sold out gun owners in the 90s by supporting capacity bans and the AWB. They haven't shown signs they are not willing to do so again. It's a reason I don't own any Ruger firearms.