Thursday, May 15, 2008

A .45 Carbine to Consider

When hedging over a .45 ACP carbine, some sent my another option. This company makes a kit for reproduction DeLisle style Enfields. With or without the suppressed component.

An Enfield is a Britsh made bolt action rifle, and right handed, but the bolt is far enough back on the reciever that it should be less of a problem for me, the whinging left-hander. It saw service as the British main battle rifle in WWI and WWII and was manufactured and still saw service up through the 1960s. It fired the .303 cartridge and held 10 rounds in its magazine, fed by stripper clips. It is famous for the smooth bolt action and was probably the best belt action rifle fielded in battle because of its 10 shot capacity.

Little of this matters if converted to .45.

I've seen some beat up sporterized versions of the Enfield and local gunstores, so I'd have no qualms about converting it to something else. It's already been 'ruined' of any historical value by a previous owner that wanted a deer rifle, ruining it further and making it a .45 won't be an afront to the ancestors. Another plus is "bhubbafied" or "sporterized" milsurp rifles are frequently to be had dirt cheap. Why were so many sporterized? Because it was a very popular deer rifle in the US and Canada, and in it's original robust military form it may be too clunky for stalking cervids afield.

This is my goal:

But it will probably more look like this:

So, $200 for a rifle, $300 for a kit, then whatever the gunsmith charges to put them all together. So, another data point, for when I get the gumption. Promotion on Master List? Meh. Prolly. I'll try to talk myself into it. MBtGE has been ribbing me, deservedly, for taking a step back away from "carbine acquisition mode". It's not that I am unenthusiastic on the concept of a .45 carbine, it's just that none available truly match my requirements adequately at a level of quality -versus- price that I can accept. It's not MY fault, it's the unreasonable gun manufacturing sector... Why aren't they catering to my every whim? Is that too much to ask?

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