Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Accessory list

I need a master list for ACCESSORIES, I guess. There are so many little bits. Parts for one. But I have most replacement parts covered. A spare recoil spring plug, for one, considering how many times THAT flies across the basement shop when I clean the 1911.

I need more accoutrement, if I may use the Surrender-Monkey language. Pistols belts, holsters, molle gear, chest rig to store magazines, first aid kit, a decent surefire-style flashlight, a pack of some sort. Not JUST to fight zombies and Jacobins, but to go camping again. I haven’t been backpacking since I was in the boy scouts. Real camping, not the car-camping I’ve been doing where I have a pick-up truck worth of stuff within 100 feet of me.

One thing I will NEVER find is good boots. I never have and probably never will. My feet pronate, I have sesamoid bones making me pigeon toed, and a crappy right knee. I’ve never found boots that fit and rarely find decent shoes. Heavy boots exacerbate the knee problems, and ill fitting boots are just painful even after a break-in period.

I am resigned to fight zombies in worn out sneakers.

And if my feet are ok, I can hike for miles and miles.

As for the other gear… get it in all black and look like tacticool mall-ninja? No. I prefer OD Green. You look less silly in that anyway if you are using your gear for dual use, happy-family-hiking AND opposing the undead horde.


Anonymous said...


Don't try to find good boots anymore, go to a store that sells running shoes. There are many walking shoes that provide enough support for hiking and backpacking.

Let the store personnel evaluate your issues and recommend the right foot wear.

Like you, I thought in terms of leather hiking boots with high ankle support but weighing a ton.

Check out some of the new synthetics, you'll be amazed.

The Customer said...

If you are hell bent on finding boots, the best boot i have ever wore was Redwing boots. They even saved my toes from the jackhammer.