Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hard Time A Comin'

We're at a rough patch in the economy, maybe. It's not too bad. But bad policies could make it worse.

A president can't really grow an economy. All he can do, with the help of Congress, is get out of the way, manage the Treasury soundly and let the economy do it's thing. Like a farmer and an apple tree. The farmer can prune it, water it, and fertilize it, but the apple tree has to grow on its own if the farmer messes with it, or doesn't.

A farmer can ruin an apple tree. He can chop it down. A president, with the help of Congress, can ruin an economy just like a farmer can ruin an apple tree. Look at Carter, or FDR's first 8 years. Horrible policies. Tax increases, socialism, protectionism, bad monetary policy, silly schemes writ large with government largess. Ick.

Elect a Carter clone in 2008 and we can get a bad case of the Malaise. Which is worse than my Rheumatis, or Lumbago, or the Ewe Crupe. Almost as bad as the Grip or the Bloody Flux.

So, in the event of hard time, what do you do if you are a gun enthusiast? You sell off your guns. I've been looking at my guns thinking of which I'd part with in bad times. I don't see much superfluous, except the 1903 Springfield. And it has too much sentimental value. I don't have redundant stuff. The only guns I'd consider extra would the ones on the Tertiary part of the Master List. And I don't have any of them.

If I was a big time gun collector and had a Browning patent collection, or all Smith and Wessons, or milsurp rifles from each major Western-Style Power for 200 years, then I might have stuff I could part out.

So no money there if time get bad. I'll have to rely on my old standbys. Selling plasma and male prostitution. ~sigh~ I promised myself I would go back to The Life...


breda said...

when I was in the market for my pistol, someone suggested we sell one of our other guns.

"No! How can we sell one? Which would we choose? I love them all!"

So we saved up and now we have 5.

The Customer said...

It would be like figuring out which child to sell on the black market. Or you could double down on the ammo like I am planning too. Figure if it gets to bad, I will want all the firepower I can muster.