Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hard Times, Part Tres

Mmmmmmmmm Hard Times Cafe. And American Chili Parlor.

It's a restaurant chain in the Mid-Atlantic area. Pretty simple menu. Chili. Coupla other items, like fries, hot dogs, corn bread. But Chili is the reason it exists.

They have 4 types. Two types of Texas style (my preference), a Vegetarian style if you are into that sort of thing, and some oddity from Cincinnati. That one is kinda wrong, but I'll eat it. It has tomatoes and cinnamon in it, fer cripes sake. There is room in this world for it, I guess.

There is NOT room in this world for Manhattan style chili. Green Bell Peppers? Pah! Abomination.

[Mandatory Gun Content... They have old timey photos of cowboys decorating the restaurants? Cowboys have guns, right? The food is cheap and filling simple to make so it's for a gun enthusiast on a budget or a survivalist in the bush?]

UPDATE: Breda reminded. I forgot one of the big pluses about Hard Times. The beer. They have Lone Star, usually, for traditionalist. And they have a wonderful House Brand lager, award winning and everything. It's rebranded Old Dominion Lager, a local microbrewery that makes some very good beers. It's the last decent local 'big' microbrewery. You have to go further than 50 miles from DC to find local beer of comparable quality and freshness that isn't a brewpub.


Anonymous said...

"Manhattan style" chili? Did you see this at Hard Times??

Now this is a sign of that apocalypse you are always going on about.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

To clarify, Hard Times does NOT make Manhattan style chili. If they did a tear in the space-time continuum would open up, destroying all existence in the multiverse.

Anonymous said...


Until your post, "Manhattan style chili" was a Gogglenope.